Practice Opportunities

“That’s the purpose of discussion, that’s the purpose of drawing near, that’s the purpose of lending ear–the liberation of the mind through no clinging.”
~ AN 3:68

Opportunities to engage with relational Dhamma teachings and practices are available worldwide through retreats, online offerings, and via local practice communities facilitated by Insight Dialogue teachers, facilitators, and dedicated practitioners.

The in-person events and online practice opportunities listed here are led by members of the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community and are sponsored by a variety of organizations, including the Insight Dialogue Community. 

In-Person Events

Residential and non-residential offerings for new and experienced practitioners.

Online Practice

Drop-in Insight Dialogue practice groups and online programs.

Practice Groups

Opportunities to meet, study and practice with other Insight Dialogue practitioners.

Interpersonal Mindfulness Program

The Interpersonal Mindfulness Program is a secular entryway into relational mindfulness.