The Insight Dialogue Community is a community of spiritual friends engaged in the Dhamma through practices guided by a relational understanding of the historical Buddha’s early teachings.

We engage with and support these practices because they harness the power of our responsiveness to others and a shared commitment to cultivate awareness, clear understanding and compassion.

As a virtual global community, we come together for relational practice in traditional forms such as teacher-led retreats and local Insight Dialogue practice groups as well as in online courses and sessions. The organization functions wholly through self-managing teams that call on the wisdom and practices of relational Dhamma as inherent aspects of community culture and service. These teams provide the structure for leadership, infrastructure, and stewardship of the teachings, the teaching community, and community of practitioners.

Insight Dialogue Community, originally Metta Programs, was formally founded in 2005 to support the teachings of relational Dhamma and the growing community of practitioners. We warmly welcome all people who want to explore with us the practices of Insight Dialogue and Dharma Contemplation and the teachings of relational Dhamma.

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We function through self-managing teams responsible for specific tasks to serve the collective mission.

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