Getting Started

Welcome. We are so glad you found us! For those new to Insight Dialogue, reading the materials on this site is a great place to begin exploring the practice.

Practitioners generally find that the most direct way to learn Insight Dialogue and experience its benefits is by attending an Insight Dialogue retreat. Visit the In-Person Events page for a listing of upcoming retreats. If you are unable to attend an in-person retreat, participating in an online Introduction to Insight Dialogue offering can be especially supportive. Participating in other online practice groups or attending a local practice group are other ways to learn the practice.

Reading and engaging with the material in Gregory Kramer’s book Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom can provide the foundational understanding of Insight Dialogue that online and local practice groups often request new participants have. In addition to providing a thorough introduction to the Insight Dialogue guidelines, the book also offers an introduction to relational Dhamma through a presentation of the Buddha’s teaching on Four Noble Truths seen through an interpersonal lens. Information about translations of the book can be found here.

The short video included below of Insight Dialogue teacher Phyllis Hicks leading practice offers an opportunity to see for yourself what you might encounter at an Insight Dialogue retreat or local practice group. 

We look forward to practicing with you!