Anita Bermont

About Anita Bermont

Anita Bermont guides Insight Dialogue practice both online and in-person. When first encountering Insight Dialogue in the mid-’90s, the practice spoke immediately and strongly to her heart. With this recognition came a deep commitment to participating in the first face-to-face practice group. As the years have gone by, her commitment to the path inspired a return to school, earning an MA in Buddhist Studies. She participates in many of the Insight Dialogue Community teams and practice cohorts and coordinates the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community Coordinating team. Insight Dialogue gets called her ‘heart song’ practice and it is from this place that the practice is shared. Anita lives in Portland, OR.

Events with Anita Bermont

Wednesday (First and Third) Aust/NZ/Asia Practice Group, prior Tuesday Americas

Open Dates
This online group meets the first and third Wednesday mornings (Sydney time) of each month - the Tuesday before depending on your time zone. The current series topic is "Being on the Path Together". We will continue the process we began in late 2021, exploring and contemplating the Noble Eightfold…