Mary Burns

About Mary Burns

Mary Burns teaches Insight Dialogue internationally and also offers the practice online. She engages actively in the Insight Dialogue Community by participating in the Teachers Council, Guiding Sangha, Insight Dialogue Beloved Community cohort and by mentoring facilitators and teachers in development. For more than three decades she has been drawn to the intersection of eastern and western healing practices and has had the good fortune to study with many gifted meditation teachers including in-depth study with Gregory Kramer since 2004 and decades of study with Stephen Gilligan, and John Welwood. Mary lives in Chapel Hill, NC, where she also works as a psychotherapist.

Events with Mary Burns

Kalyana-mittata Retreat: A Gathering of Beautiful Friends

June 26 - July 5, 2020
Keswick, Ontario
Experienced Insight Dialogue practitioners and teachers are invited to spend ten days exploring what it really means to live the practice in community and to explore ways of bringing continuity of practice into our daily lives as we meditate together while sharing our daily tasks. Our vision is to explore…