Asaf Federman

About Asaf Federman

Asaf Federman was invited to teach by the dharma teacher Christopher Titmuss in 2018. He began to offer Insight Dialogue in 2022. His meditation practice started in 1998 at the Vipassana Institute of NG Goenka and developed in retreats and courses with various teachers including Christopher Titmuss, Stephen Bachelor, Stephen Fulder, Thich Naht Hanh, Joseph Goldstein, and Ajhan Sucitto. Asaf considers the study of original Buddhist texts an important part of the path. He is the author of three books in Hebrew and offers teaching in Haifa, Israel and online. He works as a psychotherapist, and since 2013, he has train others to teach MBSR and MBCT, following his own mindfulness training at Bangor University. For local practice groups, courses and writing, please see Asaf’s website,