Stefan Hanser

About Stefan Hanser

Stefan Hanser began meditating in the Vipassana tradition 2004. Since 2016 he has been practicing in the Karma Kagyü tradition, inspired by Lama Tilmann Lhündrup. Being introduced to Insight Dialogue in 2017 and having participated in facilitator trainings with Gregory Kramer, the practice has become an integral part of his everyday life. He is a member of the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community Coordinating Team and facilitates the practice since 2017 in various formats, including day-longs. In 2020 he received a scholarship for the “Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program” with Jack Kornfiled & Tara Brach. Furthermore, he is passionate about somatics, bodywork and movement studies with the aspiration to bring mindfulness practice into movement experience. Stefan lives in Berlin, Germany. Website: Dana to Stefan can be offered via PayPal.