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The retreat is currently full with a short waiting list.  We are still taking applications and recommend filling out the registration form soon if you are interested in attending

The 2020 Month-Long Retreat of Integrated Practice of Insight Dialogue and Vipassana


In a whole life path approach to Dhamma, periods committed solely to meditation have a special place. When the body-mind has sufficient time to calm down and become steady and bright, uniquely transformative insight becomes possible. Deep freedom of heart and mind comes from seeing things as they actually are; seclusion and spiritual friendship, together, form a powerful path of awakening. The wisdom teachings of the Buddha come alive in our formal practice and from there move into the entirety of our lives.

The vision for this retreat is to provide an opportunity to cultivate the deep freedom that all the Buddha’s teachings point to. Guided by the Dhamma as it unfolds both internally and relationally, we will interweave extended periods of noble silence, Qi Gong, vipassana practice and Insight Dialogue together in an emergent flow, designed to both deepen our individual practice and strengthen the spiritual friendship that lies at the heart of our community.


The minimum requirement is to have participated in at least:

  • two 6-night/7-night Insight Dialogue retreats
  • one 7-night Vipassana silent retreat*
  • one 10-night Vipassana silent retreat*

*Both Insight/Vipassana and Zen silent retreats qualify for the silent retreat requirements. If you have a question about whether a particular silent retreat meets this requirement, please email us. More details about retreat requirements here.


All costs are stated in euros. We have set up a tiered-fee structure to support those with more limited means to attend this retreat. The sustaining (actual) cost is €2540 for a double shared room and €2840 for a single room. Please see “Retreat Cost” for subsidized and supporting rates. Scholarships will also be available to support diversity and inclusion in the ID community. Please see “Scholarship Information” for details.


To register please complete the application form which will collect information about your retreat history, medical information, and psychological health. This is to assess the suitability of this retreat for you. The teachers will carefully look at this and you may be asked some additional questions via a brief interview with Jill Shepherd as part of the application process. More details about the application process here.