Virtual Dhamma Hall

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“Here, gone to the forest, or to the root of a tree, or to an empty hut, they sit down; having folded their legs crosswise, set their body erect, and establish mindfulness in front of them, mindful they breathe in, mindful they breathe out.” (Satipatthana, using the gender expansive pronoun they)

This virtual Dhamma Hall is offered to the entire Insight Dialogue Community and Friends for formal silent meditation in the four postures of sitting, standing, walking, and lying down.  You are welcome to drop in and practice for any amount of time 24 hours 7 days a week. Please use this zoom link to enter the room.

The Practice of Insight Dialogue is grounded in three bases, known amongst all Buddhist traditions as the three jewels or the three gems: Buddha (the meditative base), Dhamma (the wisdom teachings base), and Sangha (the relational base). This virtual Dhamma Hall is devoted exclusively to support space for silent meditation, the meditative base.  Because we are intrinsically individual and intrinsically relational, we believe it is important to have conditions in which to practice both.  In silent practice, we bring awareness to the intrinsically individual aspects of our being; and in dialogue practice, we bring awareness to the intrinsically relational aspects of our being.

Imagine an online meditation hall where monastics and lay people sit in silence together.  In these contemporary times, for many of us, there is no daily opportunity to go to the forest and sit at the root of a tree. We hope this virtual meditation hall can offer that opportunity, a refuge where the minds, bodies and hearts of those who attend are saturated in a wakeful silence, alongside the guidance of their own Dhamma investigation and spiritual friends.


For regular dedicated sitting times, practice leaders hold space with the sound of three bells at the beginning and the end. We understand there may be variations on this form as those from different Buddhist traditions step in to hold space. For example, there may be occasional guided sits or chants. See below for the current schedule.

  • Dandelions of the Heart Sangha  (6am-6:45am ET)
  • Bristol Zen Center (7:30-8:10 am UK)

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For times other than those listed above, you might arrive to find yourself alone or others sitting quietly. If you’re alone, you may wish to invite the sound of three bells to begin and end the sit. Know that even if you’re alone, you sit for the benefit of all beings, just as many around the globe are sitting and wishing us good will in this very moment. You are most welcome to come and go whenever and however this supports your silent meditation.


Email Jane Cutler ( or Yenkuei Chuang ( if you have any questions. Please let us know if you or your sangha would like to join us in offering regular silent sits. We sincerely welcome your support for growing this sacred space for noble silence.