The Four Messengers

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The first three messengers the Buddha met when he strayed from the palace where he lived as a young men were the old man, the sick man, and the corpse, which taught him the shocking truths of old age, illness, and death.  The fourth was a wandering ascetic, who revealed to him the existence of a path whereby all suffering can be fully transcended.

We are the modern day wandering lay aesthetics as we engage the Insight Dialogue Guidelines, the teachings and lean in together in relational practice.

All are warmly welcome to join in practice as we lean into this investigation.

There is a warm welcome for anybody who wishes to join either occasionally for drop ins or as a regular participant.

Do reach out to BZC  if you have any special requests you would like focus on for one of these practice sessions.

Those interested are invited to stay on for a further 30 minutes where we engage learning and feed back.

This is an offering by the Wednesday Weekly Practice Group with Jane Cutler and the Bristol Zen Centre.