Dharma Talk with Tuere Sala on Dana

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Tuere is offering a dharma talk as part of the Insight Dialogue Community focus on the teachings of dāna. It has been a long-time wish for many community members to deepen in understanding and lived experience of these teachings. The focus on dāna is also one of the Guiding Sangha 2023 priorities and has been supported by comments received from Listening Circles about the importance of freely offering the Buddha’s teachings and supporting our teaching community members.

Dana, the practice of giving freely, lies at the heart of Buddhist teachings. It is a way to cultivate selflessness, compassion, and interconnection with others. Through various forms of giving, we break free from the grip of greed and attachment, fostering happiness, harmony, and spiritual growth. By embracing the practice of Dana, we contribute to a more kind and compassionate world, benefiting both ourselves and others.

From the talks and practices offered as part of this series, we hope that you will come away with a better understanding of the following:

  • What is dana? What qualities are associated with dana?
  • Why is dana important to you or to the Buddhist teachings?
  • How do you practice dana, and what are some ways you incorporate it into everyday life?
  • When can dana be practiced?
  • What are common misperceptions about dana?
  • What is the first step to understanding dana?