Speak the Truth – an Investigation of Truthfulness Parami

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“One should speak only that word by which one would not torment oneself nor harm others.  ‘It is spoken at the right time. It is spoken in truth. It is spoken affectionately. It is spoken beneficially. It is spoken with a mind of good-will.’  That word is indeed well spoken.” Thag 21, AN 5.198

This year, the Northeast Insight Dialogue Sangha has been offering mini retreats on the Paramis for our Art and Soul of Insight Dialogue series – translated as “perfections”, they are a list of 10 qualities to cultivate to move towards liberation from greed, hatred and delusion.

Please do join us in the investigation and cultivation of the Parami of Truth.  We will explore the Insight Dialogue guideline of Speak the Truth in relational practice and in our lives.

What are our intentions when speaking? Is there mindfulness?   Are other paramis like patience present when speaking?  Are the words and delivery of those words compassionate, wise, true, not gossip, not frivolous, not harming, helpful, timely?  Before, during, and after speech is there awareness of being open or closed down, truthful or deceptive to self and others, aligned  with relational practice, the subject of the contemplation, the relevant teachings, and attuned with your practice partners?Speak the truth involves wise and ethical restraint, but also involves the importance and power of speaking truth for our own practice, for building and deepening relationships, and in situations where speaking truth may be difficult or courageous.

The framework of this investigation is the practice of Insight Dialogue, a relational practice developed by Gregory Kramer and the Insight Dialogue Community.  We will practice together to explore the teachings based in the Pali Canon, the collection of suttas in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Please use this link for more information about Insight Dialogue.