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This 18 (eighteen) session practice series from 19 March (Americas/UK) or 20 March (Aust/NZ/Asia) of approx 2 sessions per month (1.5 hours per session) offers an exploration of the ten parami.  

The ten pāramī are ten noble qualities of character which powerfully support the path to freedom. They are: generosity, ethical conduct, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, resolve, kindness and equanimity.

It’s said that the Buddha-to-be diligently cultivated these qualities in his everyday life before he attained complete liberation of heart and mind. As laypeople following in his footsteps, the ten pāramī offer us a framework for living our lives in ways that deepen our dhamma understanding, right in the midst of every activity and relationship in which we engage.

In fact, one gift of these ten pāramī is that they require the challenges of everyday life in order to develop and strengthen. The rough and tumble of life’s inevitable difficulties – including our relational challenges – when approached with wisdom, helps polish the pāramī, transforming them from simple virtues into profound inner resources that support us to overcome all unsatisfactoriness, stress, distress or suffering.

Over the course of 18 (eighteen) online sessions (approx. 2 x 1.5 hour sessions per month), we will use “wise reflection and the voice of another” to strengthen and deepen the pāramī in the context of our own lives. Each session includes some silent or guided meditation practice, a short dhamma reflection by the teacher, instruction in the six guidelines of Insight Dialogue and time to explore a range of contemplations together in relational practice.

Some recommended pre-reading resources (not a prerequisite for participation):
• Ajahn Sucitto’s book, Parami: Ways to Cross Life’s Floods is here.
• Gil Fronsdal’s The IMC 2010-11 Dharma Practice Day Pāramī Course is here.