Introduction to Insight Dialogue

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and Angela Spaxman, Genevieve Heng and Angie Bucu

We are delighted to offer a six-week online Introduction to Insight Dialogue course from facilitators based in the Asia region (Angela Spaxman, Angie Bucu, Gen Heng). This course will cover the Insight Dialogue guidelines and practices aiming to cultivate freedom from suffering through relational mindfulness, kindness and compassion. Together, we will explore what the Buddha has said, “… I make known just suffering and the cessation of suffering.” – SN 22.86

All are welcome. Prior meditation experience is recommended but not required.  

Insight Dialogue benefits from and is interwoven with individual, silent meditation. Insight Dialogue also harnesses the power of relationship to amplify, refine, and accelerate the development of mindfulness. It helps the wisdom of Dhamma to enter the heart and mind in an immediate and embodied way that is instantly applicable in daily life.

Participants will meet for six consecutive weeks in real-time via Zoom for 90 minutes. Each week will include instruction on individual guidelines and contemplative dialogue practice. What is offered will be informed by the Three Bases of Insight Dialogue:  the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, meditative qualities, and the power of relationship.