Connecting in an Uncertain World: Around the World – Insight Dialogue Retreat

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Feel warmly invited to the Around the World Online Insight Dialogue Retreat: Connecting in an Uncertain World. The theme of this year is War or Peace: Suffering and the End of Suffering.

Wherever we are on this planet, we have a lot in common. One of these things is that we all live in a world that is in so many places on fire, by conflict, war, and threat. The world causes uncertainty, agony, sadness, hurt, worry and difficulty in believing what is happening in so many places. In the world, many opinions and harmful actions create alienation, division, and disconnection. Each one of us, independent of where we live, is affected in one way or another.

As Insight Dialogue Community, we have the possibility to come together, to connect and open our hearts to each other and to ourselves. Especially in these challenging times marked by change and instability, we invite you to the strengthening and healing power of relational practice and the joyful and liberating support of the community.

The Insight Dialogue Community is increasingly global, with practitioners and spiritual friends spanning all continents. This weekend offers ample opportunity to meet, connect, and practice together. You can join an Insight Dialogue practice session that is suitable for your timezone. Many sessions will be offered in English combined with another language.

We wholeheartedly invite you to this. During this Around the World retreat, we offer together ample opportunity to hold one another’s hand metaphorically, experience the joy of connection, and support each other’s liberation.

The string of contemplations will be around WAR or PEACE – SUFFERING and THE END OF SUFFERING.

What is the ‘Around the World’ retreat?
During the weekend of February 23-26, 2024, 26 consecutive Insight Dialogue practice sessions will make it possible for all to immerse in Insight Dialogue practice, regardless of what time zone you live in! All with some ID practice experience can join this retreat, it includes the whole of the global Insight Dialogue community!

In between each session is a 30-minute break for movement, body care or household activities. You can join as many sessions as possible. We encourage you to immerse yourself in this weekend retreat.

Multiple Languages
Many sessions will be offered in English and translated to a local language. This will make the teachings more accessible for the ones for whom English is challenging. Just before the start of the retreat, the practice schedule will include information in what language other than English the offering will be given.

Here’s the link to the practice schedule so you can see which sessions you can join and mark these in your agenda.

Once registered, a couple of days before the start of the retreat, you will receive the link to the ‘Around the World meditation hall,’ the practice schedule with the names of the teachers and facilitators, and the language available during the session.

Feel warmly invited, and we hope you will join on this immersive journey together.