Awakening White Awareness: An Insight Dialogue and Race Equity Program

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Please Join Us: Judy Bernstein, Susie Clarion, Holly Nelson-Johnson, and Michele Zukerberg as we offer Awakening White Awareness: An Insight Dialogue and Race Equity Program for White-Bodied People. This nine-week series integrates the transformative Buddhist practice of Insight Dialogue (relational mindfulness) with anti-racism education. We will explore and co-create white anti-racist culture within a dedicated, compassionate community of study and practice. Through present-moment awareness we may better understand the impact of racism and our own cultural conditioning without judgment.

Racism is rooted in greed, hatred, and delusion. Racism is both historical, as well as contemporary. Unless examined, it will continue to cause harm. This program is our fervent wish to lessen that suffering.

How might our uninvestigated cultural conditioning as white-bodied people contribute to harm for ourselves and others? We will inquire into what it means to be white with curiosity and kind awareness. The Brahmaviharas of lovingkindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity may serve as antidotes to racialized suffering. They support us in meeting and transforming our conditioning as white-bodied people. These qualities expand and connect our individual awareness to collective awakening.

Content: Each two-hour session will include an introduction, dharma talk, guided meditation, introduction of an Insight Dialogue guideline, and breakout/large-group practice to harvest insights. In preparation for each session you’ll engage with weekly home study materials which may include articles, audio recordings, and/or videos.

For Whom: All levels welcome, whether new or experienced in anti-racism study or the practice of Insight Dialogue. Awakening White Awareness is a way to begin again, to step into something bigger than oneself: into collective transformation.

Together let us hold an intention for cultivating respect and kindness towards all beings in order to live connected, wakeful lives. Let’s invest in becoming a community rooted in peace, resting in wisdom, and opening wide our hearts towards freedom. We look forward to learning together.