Ease & Freedom: Exploring the Three Characteristics with Insight Dialogue

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The insight that can arise from exploring the three characteristics of impermanence, suffering (dukkha), and not-self is a powerful way to free the heart-mind from clinging. It can be challenging for us to engage with this teaching in an embodied way, to bring it out of the conceptual and into the experiential realm. With Insight Dialogue, we have an opportunity to experience and give voice to these characteristics in meditation with a partner.

In our time together, we will:

  • investigate how being present to impermanence in both its obvious and subtle manifestations can ground our understanding in direct experience
  • attend to the felt experience of the rising and falling of discontent (dukkha), to strengthen our awareness of how resistance and avoidance tend to deepen our suffering
  • become familiar with the process of the “self” coming into being and fading and how this recognition supports freedom from the suffering of identification.

When we come to know impermanence, dukkha, and not-self as our own felt experience our capacity to be with things as they are is strengthened. This leads to a greater sense of ease and freedom in our lives, as well as a deepening of compassion for ourselves and each other.

This program is open to those with previous experience in Insight Dialogue as well as those new to this practice.