The Buddha’s core teaching of the Four Noble Truths provides us with a holographic map of the journey to freedom. This is a journey, and like any journey, we need the right resources, equipment, maps and guides to reach our destination. As we explore this path together, each stage will be supported by all Four Noble Truths, so no matter where we begin to engage with these teachings, the whole path is revealed.

The final stage of this journey comprising 6 fortnightly sessions begins from 4 October 2023 Aust/NZ/Asia (3 October Americas/UK).  It is not necessary to have participated in the previous stages in order to join and engage with this journey.

Using “wise reflection and the voice of another” to bring the transformative wisdom of the Four Noble Truths directly into our own lives, each session includes some silent or guided meditation practice, a short dhamma reflection by the teacher, some instruction in the Insight Dialogue guidelines and exploration of a range of contemplations. Contemplation topics may include, amongst others, themes such as:

  • Right View and our relationship to dukkha (unsatisfactoriness, stress, distress, suffering)
  • The Four Heavenly Messengers of old age, illness, death and the contemplative
  • Relational dukkha: interpersonal conflict and societal disharmony
  • Right Intention and the dynamics of clinging, craving and release
  • How freedom can be experienced here and now
  • Skillful qualities that support freedom: the seven awakening factors and the four brahmavihāra
  • Taking refuge in sangha and cultivation of spiritual friendship