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As we approach the darkness of the winter solstice and athe complexities of the December holidays, let us gather together and incline our hearts toward the steadiness and warmth of friendliness and care.

Join guest teachers Jan Surrey and Marsha Lawson for a morning of Insight Dialogue practice at Peace House. This gathering is dedicated to investigation and cultivation of the parami of Metta, lovingkindness and friendliness. We will draw on the teachings of the Buddha on the liberative power of this beautiful heartmind quality.

Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice with a foundation in silent meditation. The practice incorporates mindful listening and speaking, weaving together the power of relationship, meditative awareness, and the wisdom teachings of the Buddha. It has the same purposes and traditional roots as silent meditation: developing mindfulness, compassion and liberating insight, while investigating present moment experience.

We hope you will join us and taste the joyful potential for release and freedom often obstructed or missing in our everyday relations. You are invited to join whether you are experienced or new to the practice. There will be periods of silent meditation practice, dharma talk, relational meditation practice, chanting and mindful movement. We will practice together in dyads and small groups with the six meditation guidelines – pause, relax, open, attune to emergence, listen deeply and speak the truth – and explore the power of relationship in awareness-release and awakening.

All are welcome, some prior meditation experience suggested.