Art & Soul: Morality, “Sila,” as a Parami

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and Annie Hoffman

Welcome to Art & Soul of Insight Dialogue, a monthly series of mini retreats, organized by Insight Dialogue NE.

This year’s dharma theme will be the Paramis – ten noble qualities supporting us on the path to the end of suffering: generosity, ethics, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, diligence, friendliness and equanimity.

There will be periods of silent and guided meditation, mindful movement, and Insight Dialogue contemplations.

All are welcome. Prior meditation experience recommended but not required. You do not need to reserve a space.

We look forward to welcoming and practicing with you!

Fall Practice Schedule

November 12 – Patience
Natalie Eldridge and Kathleen Fink

December 10 – Metta
In Person in Cambridge, MA
Jan Surrey and Marsha Lawson

December 17 – TBD