December 7 - 14, 2023
Katana, Sri Lanka

Please join us!

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December 7 - 14, 2023
Katana, Sri Lanka

Please join us!

Living with uncertainty is not easy. As a natural response to uncertainty our minds tend to grasp at anything that gives us a sense of security or stability. However, by doing so, we often add to what the Buddha explained as the first Noble Truth of suffering.

What is the way out? How can we realize peace, joy and harmony? How can we live our lives in a world that has impermanence and change as the only certainty? How can we touch our courage, wisdom and support to be with the unpredictable?

In this Insight Dialogue retreat we will turn towards difficulty and challenges together. We aim to cultivate our meditative qualities of calm, joy and wisdom. Together we will explore the causes of stress and the way out of suffering.

We will be supported by the six guidelines and the three basic elements of Insight Dialogue – meditative awareness, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and human’s natural relatedness – which form the foundation and a path for letting go and liberation.

The retreat is for meditators who are new to Insight Dialogue practice, for experienced Insight Dialogue practitioners and for ID facilitators and teachers who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of Insight Dialogue.

This retreat will be supported by Fabiana Gomes.

Post-retreat tour and pilgrimage 

Participants may wish to combine this retreat with a tour/pilgrimage to some Buddhist and natural highlights of Sri Lanka.

If enough participants are interested in taking this tour, Bhante Anuruddha is happy to make arrangements and act as our guide and teacher. Please state your interest on the form.

Tour itinerary: One night in Anuradhapura, second Polonnaruwa, third night at Kandy (Temple of the tooth relic) and the 4th night Colombo.

For more information on the tour. Email

COVID-19 guidelines

As of 11 May 2023, Sri Lanka no longer requires COVID-19 vaccinations to attend programs in public areas. As of 21 Apr 2022, masks are optional in Sri Lanka. Please check for updates at the time of travel.

We will follow protocols during retreat for the safety of all yogis.

  • Proof of Negative Test: All participants are required to take a COVID-19 test on the day of their arrival at the center. Please take the test prior to arrival and bring a picture of the negative test to registration. Rapid, at-home tests are acceptable. If your COVID-19 test is positive, please contact
  • Additional Precautions: We request that anyone exhibiting cold symptoms wears a mask in public spaces and tests each day that they are exhibiting symptoms.
  • We will be using masks for the first three days.

All participants should have valid health insurance and a plan for getting home quickly should they test positive or come down with an illness while at Swiss Lanka Sadaham Sevana Dharma center. We expect all yogis to be considerate of one another’s health and safety. If you fall ill before the start of the retreat, please stay home. Your full deposit will be refunded.