Embracing Impermanence and Not-knowing

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This retreat will be an opportunity to investigate and deepen our realization of impermanence. We live in increasingly challenging times, and the pace of change can instigate uncertainty and not-knowing. Surely, underlying all this change, there must be some kind of stability to hold on to?

Impermanence is described by the Buddha as a fundamental aspect of being alive. During our time together, we will explore the reality of impermanence, groundlessness, things constantly falling apart, as a deep source of wisdom in our lives. Rather than being blown around by the winds of change, the Buddha’s teachings invite us to develop insight into the nature of change, to cultivate equanimity and thus experience greater freedom.

The meditative practice of Insight Dialogue addresses the need for a practice that recognizes the social and interpersonal aspects of life as intrinsic to awakening. It invites the mindfulness, investigation, concentration, and tranquility experienced in solitary practice into the context of our relational lives. When meditating together, kindness, care and compassion can arise naturally. The Dharma becomes alive in the immediacy of our experience. With the support of the other, moments of awakening become possible, together.

Our practice will include periods of silent and interpersonal meditation in pairs and small groups to draw forth the shared wisdom of the Sangha, as well as time immersed quietly in nature and rest.

The meditation techniques we practice are over 2,500 years old and are mostly based on the Theravada Vipassana Buddhist tradition. Taking part in this meditation retreat does not, however, require an adherence to Buddhism or any adaptation of personal faith.

An established meditation or mindfulness practice is needed to participate in the retreat. The retreat is offered in English.