Dharma Contemplation: Wise Attention and the Voice of Another

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“Friends, there are two conditions for the arising of right view. Which two? The voice of another and wise attention. These are two conditions for the arising of right view.”  

Ghosa Sutta:  AN 2.125-126

Please do join us in the investigation of the meaning and power of spiritual friendship, dharma talk, and deep listening in cultivating wisdom, compassion, and liberation from suffering.  The framework of this investigation is a multilayered relational practice called Dharma Contemplation developed by Gregory Kramer and the Insight Dialogue Community.  We will introduce this practice and engage with it to explore several texts from the Pali Canon, the collection of suttas in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.

The relational practice of Dharma Contemplation is a step by step deepening process drawing on meditative qualities of the heartmind and community wisdom. The practice can bring clarity and emergent insight as we engage ancient Buddhist texts together to illuminate our actual lived experience. This practice can guide practitioners into the meaning, applicability, depth, and beauty to be found in the Buddhist texts.

To register, please contact Marsha Lawson, mjlawson118@gmail.com