Listening & Speaking from Silence: A Deepening Exploration of Relationality

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and Brent Beresford

We can awaken together. We can recognize our shared humanity and touch the mutuality of the heart’s longing for freedom. Yet we know relationships can also become a source of painful conflict, disconnection, and loneliness. During this retreat, as we explore the relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue, the transformational and joyful potential of relationship can blossom. We will study early Buddhist texts which emphasize kalyana mitta–beautiful or spiritual friendship–as necessary and integral to the path of awakening. Insight Dialogue supports the conditions for this wholesome pathway to compassionate release and freedom from suffering.

Insight Dialogue is a relational meditation practice that brings together the power of the meditative qualities of the body-heart-mind, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and our inherent capacity for relatedness. In this retreat, we will offer the guidelines of Insight Dialogue–pause, relax, open, attune to emergence, listen deeply, and speak the truth–as a foundation for the cultivation of meditative listening and speaking that emerges from silence. While we learn and develop these practices in retreat, Insight Dialogue supports a whole life path of true community and service.

This retreat, intended for both beginners and those with prior experience of Insight Dialogue, will support a deepening of relational practice. The retreat will be held in Noble Silence with periods of silent meditation, relational meditation, and dharma contemplation in small groups. We invite you to join in this exploration and experience the potential of listening and speaking deeply in meditation!

In order to create a diverse student body, at least 1/4 of the spaces will be held for BIPOC participants until two months before the course opening. At that time, held spaces will be opened to any participants on the waiting list. You are encouraged to join the waiting list even if the course appears to be full.