Bringing Ease into Daily Life

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Life is a journey that takes us from one moment to the next and when we are attentive to the arising and passing of each moment, then there is the possibility of ease. Out of attentiveness and ease, clear seeing arises. But when the mind opposes that flow, and clings to what is past or some future that cannot be, suffering happens and blinds to what this moment brings. Join us for this weekend retreat and explore the power of Insight Dialogue to bring clear seeing and ease into this day-by-day journey we share together.

The six simple guidelines of Insight Dialogue create an interpersonal meditation practice that weaves together three elements — each powerful in itself — the cultivation of meditative awareness, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha (dharma), and the power of our natural relatedness. Insight Dialogue has the same purposes and roots as other meditation practices: developing mindfulness, compassion, and the release of liberating insight. The practice concentrates the power of relatedness in inclining us toward living our lives with awareness, wisdom, deep compassion, and wise action. The retreat is meant for both new and experienced practitioners of Insight Dialogue.

On Saturday we will introduce and practice with the first four of the six guidelines of Insight Dialogue: PAUSE, RELAX, OPEN, and ATTUNE TO EMERGENCE. On Sunday we will introduce the last two guidelines, LISTEN DEEPLY, and SPEAK THE TRUTH. The retreat will end when bringing all the guidelines together in a final contemplation.