Awakening Together: An Introduction to Insight Dialogue

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Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice that weaves together three elements — each powerful in itself — the cultivation of meditative qualities of the awakening heart and mind, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha (dharma), and the power of our natural human relatedness. Insight Dialogue has the same purposes and roots as silent, insight meditation: developing mindfulness, compassion, and the release of liberating insight. The practice concentrates the power of relatedness in inclining us toward living our lives with awareness, wisdom, deep compassion and wise action in challenging times. The retreat is meant for both new and experienced practitioners of Insight Dialogue.

Friday PM will serve as an introduction to the practice, with a particular emphasis on cultivating and deepening mindfulness (sati) together, The first meditation guideline PAUSE will be introduced.

In the Saturday daylong retreat (See 9/24 event for registration), the six guidelines of Insight Dialogue will be introduced: PAUSE, RELAX, OPEN, ATTUNE TO EMERGENCE, LISTEN DEEPLY, and SPEAK THE TRUTH. There will be periods of silent practice, dharma talks, and contemplative practice, speaking and listening in dyads and small groups. Contemplations will be offered that support the investigation and understanding of the sources and release of suffering in our lives. We will address the suffering of our world, living with and responding to the realties of our complex, multilayered social, racial and cultural identities and relations.

This program is appropriate for both new and experienced meditators — all are welcome. The class is being taught over two sessions, 9/23 and 9/24. Register for each session separately if you’d like to attend both, but you are welcome to attend one and not the other.