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In October, 2021, Gregory Kramer together with Mary Burns, Mary Aubry, Sue Brown, and Lori Ebert, lead a retreat on “Great Pain, Great Zeal, and a Whole Life Path.” Participants were invited into an investigation of how our physical pain and illness, mental trauma, and loss can be transformed into zeal; how our pain can be repurposed as gateways to awakening.

Since the retreat, a small follow-up group led by Mary Burns, Mary Aubry, Sue Brown and Lori Ebert, has been meeting twice monthly to contemplate what the Noble Eightfold Path, as a whole life engagement, can offer in support of transforming our pain into zeal and awakening. Our learning process unfolds through meditation, Dharma talks, Insight Dialogue practice, and the power of spiritual friendship.

We have recently decided to open this group to the broader Insight Dialogue community, to invite anyone living with illness, pain, trauma or loss who would like to join this group of noble friends.