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Please join us for our opening fall session where we will focus on the first meditation guideline: Pause.

This introductory session is an invitation to develop our relational practice of mindfulness and clear comprehension. As we practice together, the liberative potential of pausing is accelerated and deepened.

We will investigate the power of the pause to nurture mindfulness as an awakening factor as well as a practice of remembering to bring care, depth, and connection to our relational lives on and off the cushion.

All are welcome. Some meditative experience suggested. You do not need to reserve a space.

There will be periods of silent and relational meditation practice, a short Dhamma talk, Insight Dialogue contemplations, and mindful movement with Annie Hoffman.

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Sunday Art & Soul Fall Schedule

This Fall we will undertake an in-depth investigation and practice of the relational meditative guidelines that are the foundation of Insight Dialogue. These guidelines support the cultivation of the heart, mind, and body states leading to the awakening of wisdom, compassion and relational insight.

Each guideline will be investigated as a foundation of meditation practice and for its power to deepen awareness in the whole of our lives.

October 17 – Relax
Jan Surrey, Stéphane Benoist & Annie Hoffman

November 21 – Open
Jan Surrey, Natalie Eldridge & Annie Hoffman

December 19 – Attune to Emergence
Jan Surrey, Rick Steinberg & Annie Hoffman