Insight Dialogue: Awakening Together

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We exist within a web of relationships, with the human and more than human world. Much of our stress and suffering arises out of these relationships. The practice of Insight Dialogue (ID) invites us to bring the meditative qualities of mindfulness, investigation, calm and concentration that we cultivate in solitary practice, into our relational lives. In this way, our relational lives can become a path of awakening and liberating insight.

In this day of practice we will explore, experientially, six relational meditation guidelines developed by Insight meditation teacher Gregory Kramer. Each guideline facilitates an attunement to oneself, to the ‘other’ and to ‘the between’ – the relational field itself. In dyads and small groups, we will undertake formal, guided relational meditation dialogues. In these dialogues, we will contemplate the Buddha’s teachings on spiritual friendship, Kalyana Mitta. We will draw forth, from our own lived experience, the relevance of this ancient wisdom teaching to the challenges and opportunities of our current times.

The day will include silent, relational and walking meditation.