Introduction to Insight Dialogue Online with Slovak Translation

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facilitated by Harald Reiter in English with Slovak consecutive interpreting

This online Introduction to Insight Dialogue is a five-week offering that introduces the six guidelines of Insight Dialogue based on the teachings of the Buddha as a contemplative framework. The program focuses on the core elements of this interpersonal Dhamma practice:

    • Meditative Qualities like mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, tranquility, concentration and equanimity
    • Wisdom Dhamma including the 4 Noble Truths and the 5 Aggregates and other teachings
    • Relationship including the 4 Brahmaviharas and interpersonal mindfulness and insight practice

Participants will meet in real time on ZOOM over five consecutive weeks for 3 hours each. Each week one or two of the guidelines will be presented and experienced directly in contemplative dialogue practice.  There will be periods of silent mindfulness practice, guided meditations, talks, dialogue contemplative practice and experience exchange. Between the sessions the participants will be invited to practice in daily life.

Limited number of participants:
To support effective practice in this introduction to Insight Dialogue, a limited number of places are available. Out of respect for all who wish to attend, we ask that you commit to attending all sessions for the duration of the course before registering. Of course, we are flexible should unforeseen circumstances arise during this time. Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, as well as their expression of willingness to commit to attending all sessions.The Zoom website number will be announced by email prior to the start of the course. If you have any questions about your participation, please contact