The Power of Relationship on a Noble, Whole-Life Eightfold Path

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Relationships can be complex; they can be lovely, challenging or somewhere in between. That’s because we humans are deeply relational creatures. We evolved that way. Being with others is complex. Relatedness is a major force in our lives. This series of talks by Gregory Kramer will explore how we can engage the power of our inherent relational sensitivities in service of awakening and deep human care.

Gregory will teach four sessions on the wholesome function of relationships in the noble eightfold path. We know the Buddha named good friendship as essential to the holy life. But why, exactly? And how can we walk this Dhamma path with others? Each week, Gregory will focus on a specific path factor and highlight the role of spiritual friends in each. These will include the luminous practice of relational mindfulness, why right view depends upon engagement with other people, the enormous power of shared intention, and how we can support each other in right action and right livelihood. Each session will include Insight Dialogue practice so that we can experience Dhamma friendship at work.