Deepen into Presence: The Four Immeasurable Abiding and Insight Dialogue

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It has been quite a year, from a global health pandemic to mass protests, to a bizarre wave of Presidencies around the world.

The pandemic put us all on equal grounds and as a result, we became more of a global community. Billions of people are facing the same challenge, at the same time, regardless of language or ethnicity, we are protesting for the same human right. Right for clean water, shelter, equality in society and policies, our birthright to live safely in communities on our beloved planet earth.

Our Dhamma practice has been our refuge. Many of us are unable to receive face-to-face teachings, and practice has been restricted by the pandemic. Despite the physical distance we faced, luckily, people are able to connect in deep and meaningful ways through the virtual world.

Join Elizabeth Faria and Jessica Mui for a two-day Insight Dialogue online retreat. Elizabeth, with the assistance of Jessica will lead silent and relational meditation sessions focused on the Four Brahma Vihara using the Insight Dialogue guidelines to support our lives and practice through deeper listening, dialogue, silence, and sharing.

There will be different types of group practice sessions. It is mandatory that you join all the Insight Dialogue and Dharma talk sessions. Your participation in all the other group sessions is also highly recommended as your schedule allows.

  1. Insight Dialogue Practice (Mandatory): Here, we will work through the Six Guidelines of Insight Dialogue, practicing together in dyads (pairs) to explore the guidelines themselves while contemplating key aspects of the Buddha’s teachings
  2. Dharma talk, Sitting and Q&A (Mandatory): The late afternoon talk will give an overview of silent and relational meditation and how they work together to support a fully integrated path of practice.
  3. Silent Sitting and Walking meditation sessions: group sessions where noted, otherwise individual silent practice on your own.

Retreat Schedule (in Hong Kong time)
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Saturday 27 March

 7:30 Instructions and ID practice
 8:30 Walking meditation
 9:00 Silent Group sitting
 9:45 Walking
10:30 Sitting
11:45 – 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 Instruction and ID practice
15:30 Walking
16:15 Sitting,Dhamma Talk, Q&A
17:00-19:00 Supper
19:00 ID practice led by Jessica
20:30 share merits. Good night

Sunday 28 March

6:30 Group sitting
7:00 Instructions and ID practice
8:30 Walking
9:00 Silent Group sitting
9:45 Walking
10:30 Sitting
11:45 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 Instruction and ID practice
15:30 Walking
16:15 Sitting
17:00 Closing session
18:00 Retreat end