A Wonderful and Workable Whole-Life Path

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Many lay Buddhists struggle to carry the benefits of their studies and meditation practice into their twenty-first-century lives. How might our daily experience of both life and the Buddha’s teachings shift if there were no separation between them?

Studying, thinking and writing about the Noble Eightfold Path is not new. What is new in Gregory Kramer’s book, A Whole Life Path, and what he’ll speak about to our sangha, is the realistic and comprehensive vision that arises when we ask this question: If every moment of my life is Path, then what does each path factor need to cover for this to be true in a grounded, practical way?

Gregory brings his relational understanding of dharma and decades of experience developing Insight Dialogue. This opens up the whole of our lives to the Dhamma and to practice in a heartful and authentic way. The Buddha’s teachings available individually, relationally and socially. Nothing is left out: social justice, climate change, art, technology, psychology, family life—it’s all in there; along with meditation and Dhamma study.

This session will include a guided meditation, Dhamma talk, and Q&A.