Wednesday Weekly Practice Group

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This group is taking time to investigate the path factors at a slow and steady pace, giving space for embodied Insight Dialogue practice, to land and integrate the teachings into everyday life. You are welcome to use this group as a drop-in. Come whenever you are free to join, or come more regularly to experience the flow and support of practice over time.

This term we will focus on the Brahma Viharas. From Kindness qualities of Compassion, Joy and Equanimity naturally flow as fruits of the awakened life and as the path itself. Known as the heavenly messengers, these Brahma Viharas work together complementing and enhancing each other. Through the practice of the Brahma Viharas we become participants in the healing and liberation of the world.

Our practice term will go through the end of September, after which there will be a short break.

Come as a regular weekly participant or drop in when you can.

Prerequisites: Previous Insight Dialogue Experience