Which Truth to Follow? A New Year Insight Dialogue Online Retreat for Experienced Practitioners

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In this online retreat we will explore how we can find refuge in this time of uncertainty. In Insight Dialogue one of the guidelines is Speak the truth and with that our subjective truth of the moment is invited to be spoken. And we are also invited to check, whether we are really speaking our truth of this very moment. Or maybe we are speaking out of habit or in order to impress others or to manipulate people around us to get what we want.

Which truth can we find refuge in at this time of fake news and uncertainty? The Not-Knowing is very present, and we are looking for guidance. Can we pause, relax and open into this Not-knowing? Can we attune to what emerges, can we find refuge in the midst of impermanence? Let us listen deeply to what comes up from the depth of our mind-heart.

We also will explore and deepen the 6 Insight Dialogue guidelines and there will be times for silent practice.