Introduction to Insight Dialogue: Deep Relatedness and the Whole-Life Path

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Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice. It draws its strength from the way our relational sensitivities amplify and accelerate mindfulness, concentration, and compassion. Relationship is so often the basis for becoming entangled; in Insight Dialogue it can be turned towards untangling. Relationship is so often the basis for stress, fear, and longing; in Insight Dialogue, it can be turned towards serenity, safety, and contentment.

Gregory Kramer, the founder of Insight Dialogue, will be teaching this introductory course, and inviting us to explore the Buddhist path as spacious enough for all the many moments of our lives. Gregory shares: “When we explore the Dhamma together, the alertness and care we offer each other brings the teachings right down into the body. Insight Dialogue can open us up to a new, enlivened sense of our potential for an empowered and centered life.”

During this freely offered eight-week online program, we will meet weekly to practice with the six Insight Dialogue guidelines – pause, relax, open, attune to emergence, listen deeply, and speak the truth. These simple guiding words serve as the foundation for cultivating meditative awareness. Practicing this way reveals the natural arising of metta, compassion, and joy. It provides a way to experience relational hunger and contentment, stress and ease, in the light of meditative awareness. This helps us to release habitual and reactive ways of speaking and listening. The teachings on wisdom and compassion come alive. The path forward becomes clearer.

ID practice is an important component of this offering. Attending the live talks is best, but a recording of the Sunday session will be made available to those who cannot attend. On Sundays, Gregory will be introducing the Insight Dialogue guidelines and guiding ID practice, as well as offering Dhamma teachings and Q and A. Two sessions will be offered later in the week, taught by ID teachers Tuere Sala and Beth Faria. These sessions–at different times to be accessible to participants in Europe and Africa, the Americas, and Asia–will include ID guidance, Dhamma teachings, and practice opportunities.  For those unable to attend the teachings on Sundays, please watch the recording of Gregory’s teaching prior to attending the review and practice sessions with Tuere or Beth. The recordings will be available on the BCBS course website several hours after Greg’s teaching.

This program will leave us with an experiential sense of Insight Dialogue and a renewed enthusiasm for a whole life path.