Mindfulness, Embodiment, and Deep Listening: The Practice of Insight Dialogue

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Insight Dialogue is a relationally engaged meditation practice in the Theravadan Insight tradition. The practice rests on the power of meditating together to cultivate wisdom and compassion and to release the tangled roots of our shared human suffering. In this workshop, we will introduce the six meditation guidelines of Insight Dialogue (pause, relax, open, attune to emergence, listen deeply, and speak the truth). These guidelines support the cultivation of mindfulness, compassion, calm concentration, and embodiment in relationship. Deep listening and authentic speaking become meditation practices in the service of awakening together.

Deep listening involves attentive listening beyond just the content of words-to the sounds and qualities of the voice, the nonverbal language and subtle movements of the body, and to the silence beneath the words. This practice has direct application to developing our capacity to be fully present in our lives and to listen deeply in all our relations.

This program will include periods of silent meditation and relational practice, dhamma teaching and contemplation. Suitable for anyone new to Insight Dialogue and for those with experience.