The Insight Dialogue Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious organization. Funding for the organization’s operations and activities comes from donations made by practitioners and an annual gift generously offered by the Metta Foundation.

The Insight Dialogue Community has no full-time staff and the majority of those who serve on the teams give their time freely without compensation, for which we are deeply grateful.

The Insight Dialogue Community functions through self-managing teams and funds are distributed based on written requests from the teams to the Guiding Sangha, the governing body responsible for developing and managing the budget. Funds can be requested for resources (e.g., travel to in-person meetings, consultation, and project assistance) or for livelihood support for individuals whose presence and contributions to key organizational and/or team priorities are only possible with some measure of financial support. The teams are responsible for stewarding any funds received, ensuring that their use is aligned with the teams stated intentions.

The Insight Dialogue Community does not provide livelihood support for teaching (i.e., offering Insight Dialogue or other Buddhist-related teachings to practitioners). Wherever possible the teachings are offered freely in the dana tradition.

For more information about the Insight Dialogue Community’s funding process, please contact