Giving, like all actions, is preceded by a movement of the mind or intention. Before offering dana in the form of a financial contribution, you might take a moment to reflect on the intentions behind this action.

Perhaps you have benefited from a teaching and wish to support the teacher so that they can continue to offer the Dhamma. Or, having been touched by Insight Dialogue practice, you may want to make a donation to support the structures and activities that allow the practice to continue to be available.

Aware of giving as a relational act and aware of your intentions, you might observe the mind during the process of giving as you set in motion the flow of resources from yourself towards others.

Following the Buddha’s instruction to recollect our own virtues, once the process is complete you might take a few moments to reflect on the act of giving and what it feels like to be generous. By giving in support of the Insight Dialogue teachers, facilitators and the community, you are indirectly giving what the Buddha considered the highest gift: making the gift of the Dhamma available to others.

Giving to Teachers and Facilitators

Our teachers and facilitators generously volunteer the great majority of their work for developing and teaching programs. By offering dana directly to teachers and facilitators, you are offering support from your own heart, and help ensure the future viability of these teachings.

Donate to a specific teacher or facilitator

Donate to the Sangha Teachers Fund

Giving to the Insight Dialogue Community

If you feel moved to support the Insight Dialogue Community, please make a contribution. (Tax deductible in the US.) When you donate to the Insight Dialogue Community you are supporting all the structures and activities needed for relational Dhamma practices to be made available including the development of teachers and facilitators, this website and the majority of content it contains. If you have suggestions for where you would like to see the community apply its resources, we welcome those.

Donate to the Insight Dialogue Community