The Buddha’s first teaching on the graduated path was on the importance of dana, a Pali word meaning giving. It came before meditation and even before morality.

Giving is a relational act. It requires sensing another’s needs, which inclines the mind to interconnectedness. At the same time, letting go of ownership or control over something softens the self and supports relinquishment. You might pause and take a moment to see if this is true in your experience.

The majority of those who support the Insight Dialogue Community’s infrastructure and activities give their time freely without compensation. Giving is also the basis on which Insight Dialogue teachers and facilitators offer the practice. The Insight Dialogue Community does not charge for online offerings and, in most cases, retreat fees do not include payment for the teachers. Now, as in the time of the Buddha, our teachers and facilitators give the gift of the Dhamma freely to all who choose to come. As recipients of this gift, we have the opportunity to practice dana—to open to the joy of caring for others, to develop our capacity to let go and to support these teachings being available to all who might benefit.

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By giving in support of the teachers and community, you are supporting what the Buddha considered the highest gift: the gift of Dhamma.


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