Work Awake

Work Awake, a sub-team of the Guiding Sangha, formed to identify and address relational and organizational processes that affect our community’s capacity to work together in a manner that is effective, wakeful and compassionate.

We also support the Guiding Sangha by considering time-sensitive and deliberating more complex issues that are challenging for the group as a whole to address promptly. We are available to support other teams in setting and implementing priorities, and also undertake special projects when needed. One recent project is the drafting of a set of documents to support community harmony by addressing community ethics and processes to skillfully navigate relational difficulties. In alignment with our purpose and core values, our agenda consistently includes items directed toward supporting release and wise action in our work within the Insight Dialogue Community.

Team members (left to right): Lori Ebert, Durham, NC; Anita Bermont, Portland, OR; Lucy Leu, Vancouver, BC.