Guiding Sangha

The Guiding Sangha guides the overall vision for the organization, stewards the financial resources and develops priorities, policies and organizational structures to support the Insight Dialogue Community.

Our team consists of Insight Dialogue practitioners dedicated to the full integration of practice and service. We meet monthly via videoconference and annually at an in-person working retreat with the Teachers Council. Our meetings function through consensus and include dedicated time for Insight Dialogue, silent meditation, and practices that hone our relational capacity for authentic feedback and connection.

Team members (left to right): Lori Ebert, Durham, NC; Anita Bermont, Portland, OR; Mary Burns, Chapel Hill, NC; Michele Zuckerberg, Olympia, WA; Jean Wu, Seattle, WA; Gregory Kramer, Orcas, WA; Lucy Leu, Vancouver, BC (retired). Not pictured: Moriah Armstrong, Anacortes, WA; Tzuming Liao, Chicago, IL.