Four Seas

Our team name references the Chinese saying, “Within the four seas, we are one family.”

The Four Seas team supports the Insight Dialogue Community through the cultivation of these four “C”s:

Community–common vision, shared interests, and mutuality among Insight Dialogue practitioners;
Connection–relational space that is authentic and heartful;
Communication– the flow of information and experiences accessible to the ID community as well as those beyond;
Culture– practice and of service grounded in inspiration, absent of hierarchy, and functioning through joyful and effective teamwork

Some of our current activities include welcoming and helping new members who are interested in serving the Insight Dialogue Community, producing a newsletter for those already serving and engaging in a learning lab where we contemplate our own experiences regarding collaboration and teamwork while considering ways to nurture a culture where all 4 C’s are vibrant. Our team meets online every other week for 2 hours and aspire to meet in person every two years.

Team members (left to right): Lucy Leu, Vancouver, BC; Kari Bjerke, Sonderborg, Denmark; Tzuming Liao, Chicago, IL.