Awakening White Awareness Cohort

Dr. King encapsulated the essence of Beloved Community thus: “It is this type of spirit and this type of love that can transform opponents into friends. It is this love that will bring about miracles in the hearts of men [all people].”

The Awakening White Awareness cohort came into being in 2018 based on a shared sense of urgency for addressing social injustice and oppression, and for building a community in which there is respect and care for all people. Our group’s initial task was to educate ourselves about racism and white supremacy and to create a program to awaken others identifying as white. The Awakening White Awareness Cohort has developed an 8-week Insight Dialogue program designed to investigate and deepen white racial awareness with the support and wisdom provided by the Insight Dialogue guidelines and the three refuges of Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. The overarching mission of the cohort is to support efforts to build the Beloved Community and liberation from all forms of systemic oppression within and beyond the Insight Dialogue Community. We embrace Beloved Community as a refuge in sangha, through and beyond white supremacy structures, toward authentic community grown together in awakening wisdom, justice, mutuality, and love.

Working together has been a rich experience. We are appreciative of the motivation, care, wisdom, time, energy, and love that our group members have come to share so generously.

Active cohort members include (left to right): Susie Clarion, Missoula, MT; Sue Brown, Durham, NC; Patricia Fontaine, Shelburne, VT; Ruby Phillips, Seattle, WA; Mary Burns, Chapel Hill, NC; Michele Zukerberg, Olympia, WA; Janet Surrey, Newton, MA; Anita Bermont, Portland, OR; Judy Bernstein, Maplewood, NJ; Holly Nelson-Johnson, Chicago, IL.