Christmas and the Dhamma

By Phyllis Hicks

Whatever your spiritual path or tradition, there is one thing that reliably rings true: embodied love and wisdom set the heart free.

A babe born in a lowly manager, shepherds following a star’s bright light: all stories told at Christmas of love taking form and the heart welcoming peace. Letting go of greed, letting go of hatred, letting go of delusion, the viel lifts, and the limitless nature of love is clearly seen.

Through the gift of our body, touching and being touched, our vulnerability is the condition for our awakening. With eyes to see and ears to hear, with all our sense gates open, we receive the truth of being human, the inevitability of pain, and the freedom of release. Moment by moment, contracting, releasing, we discover our innate capacity for boundless compassion, joy and equanimity in the moment of unpleasant, pleasant, and neutral contact. Listening deeply, the peace that passes all understanding is realized.

Love is born in human form.

Explore this for yourself this holiday season with family, friends, store clerks, and all your contacts. When you let go of greed, hatred and delusion, or said another way…….wanting something different from what is already here…….and you open your awareness to the the truth of the moment,…….the truth of being human,……. the inevitability of pain, and the possibility of release,…… what do you notice? Starting with your direct experience,….. pausing, letting go of judgment and grasping,….. meeting your experience with love and compassion,….. is the heart set free…..does a path of wise action emerge?

May the light of love shine brightly, step by step, breath by breath, illuminating your way.

May you fill from within with self-blessing, be a blessing to all you meet and freely accept the blessings of all. In this stream of love together, we are the means to each other’s awakening.

Merry Christmas!