Welcome to Metta’s Newest Board Members

As Metta’s organization development grows, we are fortunate to also see our board of directors (BOD) growing in size and strength.  With pleasure, we announce our newest members to the BOD and invite you to welcome them with open hearts.


Allen Smith was elected to Metta’s Board of Directors in June 2012 to serve as Treasurer.  Although Allen is infamously known as Gregory’s neighbor on Orcas Island, he previously lived in Southern California for 25 years, where he was co-founder and CEO of ISX Corporation, a developer of advanced computer software systems for the U.S. Department of Defense and other customers.  Allen is a graduate of Princeton University with a PhD in Anthropology.  He has served on several non-profit boards in California and Washington State.  In addition to his very remarkable organizational fortitude, Allen holds a rich spiritual life and has more than 40 years of meditation practice.


Lucy Leu was elected to Metta’s Board to Directors in July 2012, and invited to serve as Vice-Chair.  Lucy began practicing Vipassana Insight Meditation in 1986.  She studied Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg and founded Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness training programs in Washington state prisons.  In 2008 she attended her first Insight Dialogue retreat and shortly thereafter, began volunteering in support of Insight Dialogue events.  Lucy holds a strong interest in strengthening Metta’s support to local communities of practice and is largely responsible for the development of the annual Casacadia Insight Dialogue Retreat, bringing togheter practitioners throughout the Pacific Northwest.  She currently resides in Vancouver, BC where she caretakes her 94-year old mother and aunt.


Rachel Franke was elected as a member of Metta’s Board of Directors in August 2012.  Working in information technology security in higher education, Rachel brings strong technical and editing and writing skills, and has experience with policy and procedure development in a decentralized environment. Rachel has more than a decade of experience volunteering her local United Way and is skilled in interpersonal relationship building in a nonprofit environment and working remotely with groups.  Rachel holds a master’s degree in Library Science from North Carolina Central University, and currently resides Durham, North Carolina where she’s practiced Insight Dialogue and befriended some of our beloved teachers.

In addition, Mary Burns, serves on the BOD as the Chairperson of the Teachers Council.  Gregory Kramer also serves on the BOD in the positions of Guiding Teacher and currently presides as its Chairperson.  For more information about Metta’s organizational leadership, please visit  https://metta.org/about-us/